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Huskies Advance Four to Semifinals at NW Regionals

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(Editors note: I was not able interview any coaches or wrestlers due to my coverage on MERF Radio. I will have complete video interviews posted on Sunday)

Mifflin County advanced four into the semifinals and have all nine wrestlers alive after day one of the Northwest Regional Class AAA championships in Altoona on Friday.

Trent Hidlay (138), Hayden Hidlay (145), Noah Stewart (160) and Trey Hartsock (195) all went 2-0 on day one to reach the semifinals.

Trent Hidlay (31-8) pinned Clearfield’s Zane Morgan in 3:25 and majored Dalton Burns of Titusville by a 14-2 count in the quarterfinals. The Husky freshman meets Noah Burkhardt of Erie McDowell in the semifinals.

Hayden Hidlay (36-1) had no trouble with a 2:42 deck job of Luke Peterson of Erie McDowell and an 18-1 technical fall in 2:44 over Luke McGonigal of Clearfield. Hayden faces Collin Delattre of Warren in the semis.

Noah Stewart (36-5) rolled into the semifinals with 1:35 fall over Easton Hogue of Titusville and a 15-0 tech fall over Garrett Campbell of Selinsgrove in 5:45. The win over Hogue was Stewart’s 100th career victory. Stewart faces Craig Steffan of St. Mary’s in the finals.

Trey Hartsock (31-6) made quick work of Blake Bizousky of Punxsutawney (38-second pin) and Cody Wagner of Brashear (1:25 fall). Next up is Mike Hughes of Erie Prep.

Still alive in the consolations are Kyle Smith (113), Noah Myers (120), Isaac Underhill (152), Keith Corson (170) and Mike Bielski (182).

Smith went 0-1 on the day, while Myers, Underhill, Corson and Bielski went 1-1 on the day.

Mifflin County Results – NW Regionals

First Round
113: Charlie Lenox, Erie McDowell pinned Kyle Smith, :51.
120: Noah Myers pinned Kashmir Jiggetts, Brashear, 1:26
138: Trent Hidlay pinned Zane Morgan, Clearfield, 3:25.
145: Hayden Hidlay pinned Luke Peterson, Erie McDowell, 2:42.
152: Isaac Underhill dec. Jared Carlson, Erie McDowell, 5-4.
160: Noah Stewart pinned Easton Hogue, Titusville, 1:35.
170: Ryan Dailey, Erie McDowell dec. Keith Corson, 8-6.
182: Mike Bielski pinned Michael Wolfel, St. Marys, 1:36.
195: Trey Hartsock pinned Blake Bizousky, Punxsutawney, :38.

120: Aaron Ehrgott, Meadville dec. Noah Myers, 1-0.
138: Trent Hidlay major dec. Dalton Burns, Titusville, 14-2.
145: Hayden Hidlay technical fall Luke McGonigal, Clearfield, 18-1 (2:44).
152: Kaleb Young, Punxsutawney dec. Isaac Underhill, 8-3.
160: Noah Stewart technical fall Garrett Campbell, Selinsgrove, 15-0 (5:45).
182: Kyle Sult, General McLane major dec. Mike Bielski, 10-0.
195: Trey Hartsock pinned Cody Wagner, Brashear, 1:25.

Consolation – First Round
113: Kyle Smith, bye.
170: Keith Corson pinned Landon Harper, Allderdice, 3:44.

State Ranked Wrestlers at the NW-AAA Regionals

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Here are the ranked wrestlers who will be competing at the Northwest Class AAA Regionals Friday and Saturday in Altoona. Pa Power Wrestling ranks the top 25 kids in each weight during the regular season and the top 30 during the postseason.

Cole Manley, Altoona, 10th, (28-3), No. 3
Geo Barzona, Central Mountain, 10th, (23-6), No. 17

Carmine Ciotti, General McLane, 11th, (30-4), No. 9
Charlie Lenox, Erie McDowell, 11th, (25-4), No. 10
Hunter Zondory, Jersey Shore, 11th, (29-2), No. 15
Tyler McKinney, Erie Prep, 9th, (23-5), No. 28

Keanan Bottorf, Central Mountain, 12th, (27-7), No. 16
Aaron Ehrgott, Meadville, 12th, (25-3), No. 17
Aaron Witherite, Bellefonte, 11th, (23-8), No. 18
Noah Myers, Mifflin County, 10th, (22-11), No. 27

Roshaun Cooley, Williamsport, 12th, (29-2), No. 10
Hunter Hendricks, General McLane, 11th, (25-7), No. 17
Seth Koleno, BEA, 9th, (26-4), No. 18
Nick Gittens, Shikellamy, 11th, (25-4), No. 20
Luke Leathers, Bellefonte, 12th, (21-8), No. 21

D.J. Fehlman, Warren, 12th, (28-1), No. 3
Brock Port, Bellefonte, 10th, (28-1), No. 4
Noah Cline, Clearfield, 12th, (27-5), No. 18

Giovanni Ciotti, General McLane, 12th, (32-4), No. 10
Trent Hidlay, Mifflin County, 9th, (29-8), No. 14
Dakota Weitoish, P-O, 11th, (24-9), No. 27

Hayden Hidlay, Mifflin County, 11th, (34-1), No. 3
Trevor Corl, Bellefonte, 12th, (28-2), No. 6
Owen Watkins, General McLane, 10th, (33-5), No. 10

Kaleb Young, Punxsutawney, 11th, (12-0), No. 2
Keller Watkins, General McLane, 12th, (35-2), No. 7
Demetri Probst, Central Mountain, 12th, (29-7), No. 12
Isaac Underhill, Mifflin County, 12th, (28-8), No. 13
Haydn Swartwood, Jersey Shore, 11th, (31-5), No. 16

Noah Stewart, Mifflin County, 11th, (34-5), No. 3
Cameron Jacobson, Allderdice, 12th, (34-3), No. 5

D.J. Hollingshead, Altoona, 12th, (31-2), No. 2
Gavin Caprio, Central Mountain, 12th, (21-2) No. 9
Ryan Dailey, Erie McDowell, 11th, (26-8), No. 15
Ethan Laird, General McLane, 10th, (31-7), No. 19
Will Roeshot, State College, 11th, (21-7), No. 26

Nathan Bingaman, Selinsgrove, 12th, (23-6), No. 14
Kyle Sult, General McLane, 11th, (26-8), No. 26
Brinton Simington, Altoona, 10th, (21-10), No. 28
Isaac Porter, Central Mountain, 11th, (14-6), No. 29
Max Mason, Jersey Shore, 10th, (23-8), No. 30

Trey Hartsock, Mifflin County, 11th, (30-6), No. 8
Travis Ogden, Clearfield, 11th, (26-3), No. 13
Michael Hughes, Erie Prep, 10th, (20-7), No. 21
Loc Long, Central Mountain, 12th, (23-9), No. 29
Domenic Loffredo, Jersey Shore, 12th, (22-6), No. 30

Andrew Boob, Selinsgrove, 11th, (29-2), No. 15
Luke Carr, Meadville, 12th, (23-7), No. 17
Ian Mallory, General McLane, 12th, (18-15), No. 18

Josh Fye, BEA, 11th, (26-1), No. 11
Bryce Hanley, Central Mountain, 12th, (28-8), No. 19
Ben Bish, Meadville, 11th, (26-2), No. 22

Husky Wrestlers Discuss Regionals

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Kyle Smith & Noah Myers


Isaac Underhill & Keith Corson

Northwest Regional Preview

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Kirby Martin


A perfect analogy to describe the high school wrestling postseason would be Bruce Lee’s unfinished movie, “The Game of Death.”

Lee, who died before it was completed, wrote and starred in the movie. The storyline is about a warrior who has to fight his way up a three-floor pagoda with a harder task, meaning a tougher opponent, facing him at each level.

The tournament trail is the three-level challenge a wrestler faces. It begins at districts, then regionals and finally, the ultimate test – the PIAA championship. The final floor, and hardest battle, in the pagoda.

This weekend the second level begins for the locals with Mifflin County at the Northwest Class AAA championships in Altoona

The Huskies, under the direction of coach Kirby Martin, advanced nine into regional competition, which begins Friday at 5 p.m. The top three placers in each weight advance to Hershey.

“There were a couple of matches that were lost by a point or in overtime last week. Those kinds of scenarios will play out again and even though it’s hard to simulate that in practice, you have to be ready for them,” Martin said. “We don’t want to change a whole lot of what they are doing. The mental approach is what you want to continue to impress upon them. You need to be fearless out there. You can’t allow the opponent to dictate the match and you want to be relentless for six minutes.”

In opening round action, junior Kyle Smith (16-16) faces McDowell’s Charlie Lenox (25-4) at 113. Lenox is a returning regional champion ranked tenth in the state. Sophomore Noah Myers (22-11) takes on Brashear’s Kasmir Jiggetts (10-13) at 120, freshman Trent Hidlay (29-8) meets Clearfield’s Zane Morgan (1-1) at 138, junior Hayden Hidlay (34-1) hooks up with McDowell’s Luke Patterson (13-9) at 145 and senior Isaac Underhill (28-8) meets McDowell’s Jared Carlson at 152.

Junior Noah Stewart will be looking for his 100th career win when he goes up against Titusville’s Easton Hogue (19-9) at 152. Stewart, 34-5 on the season, sports a 99-22 career mark heading into Friday. Underhill and Hayden Hidlay joined the 100-win club already this season with Hayden’s coming last week at districts.

Senior Keith Corson (18-16) faces McDowell’s Ryan Dailey (26-8) at 170, junior Mike Bielski (4-6) takes on Michael Wolfel (12-7) of St. Mary’s at 182 and junior Trey Hartsock (30-6) will meet Punxsutawney’s Blake Bizousky (14-12) at 195.

The Huskies have five wrestlers ranked by PA Power Wrestling – Trent Hidlay (No. 15 at 138), Hayden Hidlay (No. 3 at 145), Underhill (No. 13 at 152), Stewart (No. 4 at 160) and Hartsock (No. 9 at 195).

“We were fortunate to have Huntingdon in here last night (Monday) and Juniata here tonight (Tuesday). That keeps kids fresh, working on technique, staying in good position and wrestling hard,” Martin said. “I try not to over-analyze what the possibilities are. My experience in coaching has taught me you have to take it one match at a time. You just never know this time of year. You may have wrestled a kid three times in the regular season and beat him all three times. Now it’s the postseason and he’s untouchable. We just want to talk about being relentless, being fearless, being the attacking wrestler in every match.”

Northwest Regional First-Round Pairings For MC Wrestlers

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The Northwest Regional Class AAA brackets were posted on the Escape Sports website and here are the first round pairings for the nine Mifflin County wrestlers still alive in the postseason.

113: 6-3 Kyle Smith, 11th (16-16) vs. 19-2 Charlie Lenox, Erie McDowell, 11th (25-4)
120: 6-3 Noah Myers, 10th (22-11) vs. 8-2 Kasmir Jiggetts, Brashear, 11th (10-13)
138: 6-1 Trent Hidlay, 9th (29-8) vs. 9-3 Zane Morgan, Clearfield, 10th (1-1)
145: 6-1 Hayden Hidlay, 11th (34-1) vs. 10-3 Luke Patterson, Erie McDowell, 11th (13-9)
152: 6-2 Isaac Underhill, 12th (28-8) vs. 10-3 Jared Carlson, Erie McDowell, 12th (12-7)
160: 6-1 Noah Stewart, 11th (34-5) vs. 10-4 Easton Hogue, Titusville, 12th (19-9)
170: 6-4 Keith Corson, 12th (18-16) vs. 10-1 Ryan Dailey, Erie McDowell, 11th (26-8)
182: 6-4 Mike Bielski, 11th (4-6) vs. 9-1 Michael Wolfel, St. Mary’s, 12th (12-7)
195: 6-1 Trey Hartsock, 11th (30-6) vs. 9-3 Blake Bizousky, Punxsutawney, 10th (14-12)

The two toughest opening round matchups for the Huskies is Smith vs. Lenox and Corson vs. Dailey.

Lenox is ranked 10th in the state and was a state qualifier a year ago. Dailey is ranked 16th and is a two-time District 10 champion.

Underhill also has a difficult march after the first round where he will most likely meet Kaleb Young. The Punxsutawney junior is a returning state placer (5th) currently ranked No. 2 in the state. He has already committed to Iowa.

The Huskies have five wrestlers ranked by PA Power Wrestling – Trent Hidlay (No. 15 at 138), Hayden Hidlay (No. 3 at 145), Underhill (No. 13 at 152), Stewart (No. 4 at 160) and Hartsock (No. 9 at 195).

Stewart comes into the regionals one win away from number 100 for his career. He sports a 99-22 mark and will be the third Husky wrestler to reach 100 career victories this season, joining Underhill and Hayden Hidlay, who did it Saturday at districts.

NW Regional actions gets underway Friday starting at 5 p.m. You can listen to all the action with me on MERF Radio and