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News and Notes: Hidlay Brothers Ready for PAWF States

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PAWF State Championships get Underway

Hayden Hidlay (Junior-152) and Trent Hidlay (Cadet-160) will compete in the PAWF State Championship this weekend at Chambersburg HS. Freestyle action gets underway at 8:30 am Saturday, while Greco-Roman is slated for 10 am Sunday.

This is a qualifier for the Cadet and Junior Nationals in Fargo.

Hayden Hidlay in Intermat Senior Rankings

After being ranked 11th overall in the Class of 2016 by Flo Wrestling, Hayden Hidlay finds himself rated No. 20 overall in the Intermat Class of 2016.

The NC State bound Hidlay is rated the fourth best recruit in Pennsylvania by Flo and fifth by Intermat.

Watch Hayden in a Cool Flo Wrestling

Check out the nice video segment of Hayden, among others, in the Pop and Flo highlight reel.

Hayden does a nice little flip in the video. You can see the entire 3-plus minute video on the Flo sight. Scroll down to the Pop and Flo link (Hayden is the picture above the link).

Hidlay Wins Record Third Tate Award

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Hayden Hidlay keeps setting records and making history and Tuesday night was no exception.

Hidlay was honored with the Rod Tate Award, which is presented annually to the high school’s best wrestler.

He is the first three-time winner of the award, first presented in 1979. Noah Stewart finished second in the voting, followed by Trey Hartsock.

Hidlay finished his junior season with a 43-2 record and a third-place finish at 145 pounds. Hidlay is currently ranked the 11th best senior in the class of 2015-16 by Flo Wrestling.

“It’s pretty cool to win it again. With the amount of talent we have on this team it’s an honor to win this award,” Hidlay said. “You have guys who are very capable of winning it the last couple years. Hopefully, we will get a tie next year if we all win states. That’s what we’re all hoping for. A lot of the wrestlers on the list (Tate Award winners) may not have won three but they did win state titles and that’s what I’m looking for.”

Hidlay owns a 109-14 career record with three District 6 championships, two Northwest Regional crowns and a third and sixth place medal at the PIAA championships. He also has numerous medals and trophies competing in Freestyle and Greco-Roman during the spring and summer.

“The thing I improved on the most this season was my maturity. I was physically more mature and mentally I was more stable on the mat,” Hidlay said. “I had a game plan going in and even when bad stuff happened during a match I always bounced back. That’s where I grew as a wrestler this year.”

Stewart finished fourth in the PIAA championships with a 41-7 record at 160 pounds, while Hartsock was 37-8 on the season, finishing seventh at 195.

The Tate Award is presented annually by MERF Radio to Mifflin County’s top wrestler. Nominees are voted on by local media, including The Sentinel, and representatives of the Mifflin County High School’s athletic department. Each voter chose three candidates, with points awarded to first, second and third-place vote recipients and the award going to the player with the highest vote total.

The 2015 Husky Awards were presented by the Husky Club and on the wrestling side Isaac Underhill won the Senior Athlete and Scholar Athlete awards, Hayden won the Husky Athlete award, Noah Stewart took home the Husky Hustle award and Trey Hartsock captured the Husky Pride award.

R O D     T A T E     M E M O R I A L     W R E S T L I N G     A W A R D
Y E A R N A M E   –  GRADE  –   S C H O O L   –   WT.  CLASS
1979 (tie)  Joe  Heller   (Sr.),    Chief  Logan             105#
(tie)  Ken  Whitsel   (Sr.),    Lewistown             112#
1980 Lew  Copenhaver   (Sr.),    Chief  Logan            138#
1981 Warren  Stewart   (Sr.),    Lewistown               132#
1982 George  Snook   (Jr.),    Lewistown                  105#
1983 George  Snook   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 126#
1984 Mike  Robinson   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 138#
1985 Troy  Hartsock   (Sr.),    Chief  Logan               155#
1986 Mark  Shafranich   (Sr.),    Kishacoquillas           145#
1987 Mike  Lightner   (Jr.),    Lewistown                    119#
1988 Joe  Daubert   (Jr.),    Chief  Logan                  HWT.
1989 Joe  Daubert   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley                 275#
1990 Rob  Ruby   (Jr.),    Indian  Valley                    130#
1991 Rob  Ruby   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley                   135#
1992 Denny  Osborne   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 189#
1993 Larry  Collins   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley                 130#
1994 Matt  Sheetz   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley                 145#
1995 Jeremy  Hoy   (Sr.),    Lewistown                    171#
1996 Brock  Hite   (So.),    Indian  Valley                 103#
1997 Brock  Hite   (Jr.),    Indian  Valley                  103#
1998 Barry Osborne   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 189#
1999 Andrew  Curry   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 145#
2000 Noah  Miller   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 140# / 145#
2001 Justin  Hower   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 171#
2002 Nathan  Smith   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley             152#
2003 Andrew  Winters   (Jr.),    Indian  Valley            103#
2004 Matt  Shank   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley             135# / 140#
2005 Nic  Bedelyon   (So.),    Indian  Valley             103#
2006 Matt  Bonson   (Jr.),    Lewistown             119#
2007 Nic  Bedelyon   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley             119#
2008 Matt  Snyder   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 119#
2009 Tye  Boyer   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley             140#
2010 Colton  Spade   (Sr.),    Lewistown                 160#
2011 Kaleb  Loht   (Sr.),    Indian  Valley                  125#
2012 Tyson  Searer   (Sr.),    Mifflin  County              220#
2013 Hayden  Hidlay   (Fr.),   Mifflin  County             113#
2014 Hayden Hidlay (So.), Mifflin County                 138#
2015 Hayden Hidlay (Jr.), Mifflin County                   145#

David Taylor Wins US Open; Ruth 3rd

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Former Penn State national champion David Taylor won his first US Open championship with a 2-0 decision over former Wisconsin and Oklahoma standout Andrew Howe at 74 kilos.

Taylor was a two-time runnerup in 2013-14, losing to Jordan Burroughs on both occasions.

Ed Ruth, who lost 13-11 in the semifinals to Jake Herbert, battled back for third with a 12-2 technical fall over Deron Winn at 86 kilos.

Former Nittany Lion wrestlers Frank Molinaro and Dan Vallimont, placed in the top eight of their respective weight classes. Molinaro took fifth at 65 kilos and Vallimont was eighth at 74 kilos.

US Open Placewinners

57 kilos:
1st: Tony Ramos dec. Andrew Hochstrasser, 7-3
3rd: Nick Simmons tech. fall Joe Colon, 10-0
5th: Matt McDonough pinned Dan Mitcheff
7th: Tyler Graff by injury default over Angel Escobedo

61 kilos:
1st: Reece Humphrey dec. Kendric Maple, 7-6
3rd: Coleman Scott tech. fall Daniel Dennis, 11-1
5th: Jon Morrison tech. fall Alan Waters, 11-0
7th: Darrius Little dec. Kyle Hutter, 6-3

65 kilos:
1st: Brent Metcalf dec. Jordan Oliver, 2-1.
3rd: Kellen Russell tech. fall Logan Stieber, 12-2
5th: Frank Molinaro dec. Jason Chamberlain, 4-1
7th: Jayson Ness tech. fall Robbie Mathers, 10-0

70 kilos:
1st: Nick Marable dec. Dustin Schlatter, 4-2
3rd: James Green tech. fall Kevin LeValley, 13-0
5th: Derek St. John dec. Moza Fay, 11-6
7th: Adam Hall dec. Vladyslav Dombrovskiy, 7-2

74 kilos:
1st: David Taylor dec. Andrew Howe, 2-0
3rd: Anthony Valencia tech. fall Tyler Caldwell, 10-0
5th: Colt Sponseller dec. Quinton Godley, 6-1
7th: Nestor Taffur by injury default over Dan Vallimont

86 kilos:
1st: Jake Herbert dec. Keith Gavin, 5-2
3rd: Ed Ruth tech. fall Deron Winn, 12-2
5th: Jon Reader tech. fall Ryan Loder, 10-0
7th: Richard Perry dec. Nathaniel Brown, 10-9

97 kilos:
1st: Kyle Snyder dec. Jake Varner, 2-1
3rd: J.D. Bergman by injury default over J’den Cox
5th: Cayle Byers dec. Wynn Michalak, 5-4
7th: Enock Francois dec. Micah Burak, 4-1

125 kilos:
1st: Tervel Dlagnev dec. Zack Rey, 3-1
3rd: Dom Bradley by forfeit over Nick Gwiazdowski
5th: Tyrell Fortune dec. Chad Hanke, 4-1
7th: Eric Thompson by injury default over Tony Nelson

LHU Spring Duals Update

| May 7, 2015 | 0 Comments

Here’s an update from last weekends Lock Haven University Soring Duals:

Mifflin County went 2-3 at the event with Hayden Hidlay and Trey Hartsock going undefeated.

Hidlay High in FLO 2016 Class Rankings

| May 6, 2015 | 0 Comments

FLO Wrestling recently released its rankings for the Class of 2016  and Hayden Hidlay of Mifflin County is rated the 11th best wrestler in the senior class.

In the Keystone State, Hidlay is rated fourth with only Jordan Wood (Boyertown), Nick Reenan (Wyoming Seminary) and Luke Pletcher (Greater Latrobe) rated ahead of the future NC State grappler.

Here are the top 20 ranked wrestlers for the Class of 2016 according to FLO:

1, Mark Hall, Minnesota, 170
2. Jordan Wood, Pennsylvania, 220 (Lehigh)
3. Nick Suriano, New Jersey, 120
4. Alex Marinelli, Ohio, 160 (Iowa)
5. Nick Reenan, Pennsylvania, 170 (Northwestern)
6. Luke Pletcher, Pennsylvania, 120
7. Mason Manville, New Jersey, 160 (Penn State)
8. Keegan Moore, Minnesota, 182
9. Beau Breske, Wisconsin, 182
10. Chad Red, Indiana, 126
11. Hayden Hidlay, Pennsylvania, 145 (NC State)
12. Isaiah White, Illinois, 152
13. Sammy Colbrey, Oregon, 195
14. Osawaru Odighizuwa, Oregon, 285
15. Shawn Streck, Indiana, 220
16. Jake Wentzel, Pennsylvania, 152 (Pitt)
17. Austin Kraisser, Maryland, 152 (Campbell)
18. Ben Darmstadt, Ohio, 182 (Cornell)
19. Israel Saavedra, California, 132
20. George Phillippi, Pennsylvania, 132