Carson’s Corner: The Lunatics Have Taken Over the IOC Asylum

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Dale Searer think I look like Brad Pitt, if Pitt was a 90-year old wino.

Dale Searer thinks I look like Brad Pitt, if Pitt was a 90-year old wino.

Yesterday, in an act of complete lunacy, the International Olympic Committee voted to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport beginning in 2020.

What the hell were they thinking? Have the lunatics taken over the asylum?

Wrestling is a sport that’s been an Olympic staple since the Greeks ran marathons in loincloths. The sport was added to the games in 1896, and you can’t go back any further in modern Olympic history. Wrestling was chosen for elimination over modern pentathlon.

Modern pentathlon? Are you kidding me? What a coincidence that the vice president of that sport is the son of former IOC head Juan Antonio Samaranch.

How is it that the IOC considers modern pentathlon, canoeing, handball and badminton part of their core 25 sports and not wrestling, considering the worldwide participation and popularity of man’s oldest sport?

Also fascinating is the influence of American television, or its unexplainable lack thereof. It seems likely that any poll of NBC officials would give wrestling the nod over modern pentathlon or any of the other sports mentioned. It’s also clear that, without gross gobs of U.S. TV money, the IOC would actually be worried about some of those cocktail party tabs they run up.

No matter. The IOC doesn’t seem to care what most of the world thinks. Let stupidity reign.

If that’s the case, we might as well add Jarts as part of the Olympic games. You can play that in your backyard too, just like badminton. Those of you my age will know what Jarts is.

Don’t worry; the boneheads at the IOC are probably debating about that right now. Look for Jarts as an official Olympic sport in 2024, along with capture the flag.

Wrestling is a sport with Olympic tradition almost non-paralleled. And I’m not just talking about the United States either.

Wrestling has been one of Russia’s strongest sports: Soviet and Russian wrestlers have won 77 gold medals with 40 world team championships in freestyle and 48 in greco-roman. Think of what no Olympic wrestling means to a country that produced Alexander Medved, Sergei Beloglazov, Makharbek Khadartsev and Alexander Karelin, some of the greatest wrestlers who ever graced a mat.

The Russian Olympic Committee says it plans to appeal to the IOC to restore wrestling to the games. Russian Olympic Committee President Alexander Zhukov said, “We will use all of our strength to persuade the IOC not to exclude wrestling from the Olympic program.”

Also interesting in this discussion of IOC stumbling and fumbling is the juxtaposition of recent actions. First, the IOC announced it would extend the Sochi Winter Games from 17 days to 18, with extensive competition the day before the opening ceremony. Then, it jettisoned wrestling while sticking to its 25 “core sports” maximum.

So in the winter we have longer Games. Why not in the summer? Add a day and keep wrestling. The limit of 25 core sports is an arbitrary IOC number.

I forgot. That’s using common sense, something the IOC doesn’t have.

We have to let the IOC know we will not stand by and watch wrestling eliminated as an Olympic sport. It’s a tough road ahead but that’s what everyone involved in wrestling in any way, shape or form must do.

Wrestlers don’t have a professional arena to go to, unless you count MMA (I don’t), so this is their Super Bowl and World Series all rolled into one.

We need to let our voices be heard.

We can’t let wrestling leave its shoes on the Olympic mat. Let’s not make 2018 wrestling’s retirement party from the Summer Olympics.



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