Correction: Huskies Open Season Saturday at Ephrata Duals

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(Editor’s note: I inadvertently posted that the Ephrata Duals started on Friday when in fact it is Saturday).

The Mifflin County wrestling team opens the 2013-14 season on the road at the Ephrata Duals Saturday morning at 9 am.

The Huskies finished second at the duals last season, losing only to returning champion Downingtown East.

With the likes of Hayden Hidlay, Isaac Underhill, Noah Stewart and Kyle Kahley leading the way, Mifflin County looks to be one of the favorites, along with East and Biglerville, to bring home first-place honors.

Here is the complete schedule for the one-day event:

Pool A                                                           Pool B

Ephrata (EPH)                                   Biglerville (BIG)

Mifflin County (MC)                        Garden Spot (GS)

Daniel Boone (DB)                            Hempfield (HEMP)

Downingtown East (DE)                 Reading (RDG)

Columbia (COL)                                  Lebanon (LEB)

Round 1 9:00 am

Mat 1 EPH vs. COL                              Mat 3 GS vs. HEMP

Mat 2 DB vs. MC                                  Mat 4 RDG vs. LEB

DE bye                                                     BIG bye

Round 2 10:30 am

Mat 1 EPH vs. DE                                 Mat 3 BIG vs. LEB

Mat 2 DB vs. COL                                 Mat 4 HEMP vs. RDG

MC bye                                                    GS bye

Round 3 12:00 pm

Mat 1 DB vs. DE                                   Mat 3 BIG vs. RDG

Mat 2 COL vs. MC                               Mat 4 GS vs. LEB

EPH bye                                                 HEMP bye

Round 4 1:30 pm

Mat 1 EPH vs. MC                             Mat 3 BIG vs. GS

Mat 2 COL vs. DE                              Mat 4 LEB vs. HEMP

DB bye                                                   RDG bye

Round 5 3:00pm

Mat 1 EPH vs. DB                              Mat 3 BIG vs. HEMP

Mat 2 MC vs. DE                                Mat 4 GS vs. RDG

COL bye                                                LEB bye

Round 6 4:30 pm

Mat locations to be determined

Pool A1 vs. Pool B1

Pool A2 vs. Pool B2

Pool A3 vs. Pool B3

Pool A4 vs. Pool B4

Pool A5 vs. Pool B5

Tiebreaker for Pool finish places

Criteria 1: Head-to-Head match

Criteria 2: Most total falls in all matches

Criteria 3: Most team points scored in all matches
Here is a breakdown of each team’s returning regional or state qualifiers:

Jasper Hankey, state qualifier, (40-9 at 138), sr.
Nate Newberry, regional qualifier, (35-10 at 113), so.
Scott Cooper, regional qualifier, (33-13 at 126), so.
Joe Hurda, regional qualifier, (28-14 at 195), sr.

Vanyel Leytham-Peterson, regional qualifier (29-13 at 220), sr.

Daniel Boone
Owen Powell, regional qualifier, (32-13 at 106), so.
Christian Fernandez, regional qualifier, (30-14 at 138), jr.

Downingtown East
Sean Snodgrass, state qualifier, (40-10 at 285), sr.
Wade Cummings, regional qualifier, (42-3 at 113, so.
Chris Jarani, regional qualifier, (28-10 at 170), sr.
Adam Pleines, regional qualifier, (35-9 at 195), sr.


Garden Spot
Chance Norris, regional qualifier, (27-12 at 120), so.
Zac Martin, regional qualifier, (27-9 at 126), sr.
Will Finkey, regional qualifier, (27-14 at 152), jr.
Ben Swarr, regional qualifier, (35-4 at 170), sr.

Hempfield (District 3)
Joey Goodhart, state qualifier, (37-5 at 285), sr.
Aidyn Miller, regional qualifier, (27-15 at 113), so.
David Good, regional qualifier, (27-18 at 120), jr.
Tommy Bennett, regional qualifier, (24-16 at 182), sr.


Mifflin County
Hayden Hidlay, state qualifier, (28-7 at 113), so.
Kyle Kahley, state qualifier, (27-14 at 220), sr.
Isaac Underhill, regional qualifier, (34-10 at 120), jr.
Noah Stewart, regional qualifier, (31-7 at 126), so.
(Brandon Wilson, a regional qualifier last year, is out with a knee injury)

Darren Pringle, regional qualifier, (19-11 at 170), sr.
Matt Reinhart, regional qualifier, (30-12 at 195), jr.

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