Mifflin County Junior High Results and Records

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(Editor’s note: The scores and results will be updated regularly. Just go to the Youth Results and click on the Junior High Results tab).

Mifflin County Junior High Scores

12/11 – Defeated Altoona 67-38
12/13 – Defeated CD East 81-15
12/15 – Clearfield Duals (4-1)
Defeated Altoona 68-27
Defeated Clearfield 80-12
Defeated Central Cambria 80-12
Defeated State College 53-44
Lost Nazareth 41-51
12/18 – Defeated Shikellamy 73-15
12/20 – Defeated Harrisburg 93-11
1/3 – Defeated Cumberland Valley 54-34
1/5 – Glow Tournament (5-0)
Defeated Hempfield 81-9
Defeated Pine Richland 79-24
Defeated Laurel Highlands 86-9
Defeated Latrobe 77-28
Defeated Reynolds 54-36
1/9 – Defeated Central Mountain 55-30
1/10 – Defeated State College 67-32
Overall Record: 16-1

Mifflin County Junior High Wrestlers 2012-13

Agnoni, Vincent 9th187
Allison, Jacob7th140
Betlyon, Colten7th132
Bielski, Michael12-49th167
Duncan, Jr. William2-09th157
Durst, Steven7th132
Emel, Austin8-09th132
Fisher, Christian6thMgr.
Fultz, Anthony8th132
Fultz, Brandon9th117
Guthridge, Cole1-78th92
Habbershon, Isaac8-19th140
Hartsock, Trey16-09th167
Haubrick, Austin4-18th212
Hess, Brandon9th185
Hicks, Chase9th157
Hidlay, Trent14-27th112
Hildebrandt, Dalton15-19th132
Kile, Jonah11-28th124
Kyper, Scout8th147
Lash, Courtney7th117
Lash, Matthew7-49th212
Maclay, Isaac12-18th157
Maclay, Louden3-138th87
Michael, Brittany11thMgr.
Michael, Hunter8th132
Milliken, Quentin16-08th147
Mock, Evan6thMgr.
Myers, Noah12-48th102
Patterson, Gavin7-97th252
Pollock, Cade8th132
Rhodes, Tyler9th140
Ruble, Dwayne7th212
Shearer, Keith5-47th77
Shehan, Shania11th Mgr.
Sinkus, Brock7th97
Smith, Kyle14-29th117
Stumpff, Clayton7thH
Sullivan, Drayson7th132
Taptich, Joey9-77th82
Taylor, Tanner8th124
Wagner, Slade9th112
Walters, Garrett9th124
Wert, Jr. Gregg14-28th97
Wise, Logan7-27th107
Wolfgang, Calyton12-47th77

Records up to Central Mountain match.

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: ‘Big Bad’ Bill Shafranich
Assistant Coaches:
Justin Shafranich
Mark ‘Flag Football Rocks’  Cavanaugh
Dave Wray

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