Searer, Eckenroth Making Big Strides With MC Upperweights

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Dale Searer

Assistant coaches never get much glory.

Most of the time they work in the shadows while the head coach gets all the attention. That’s the way it is in the sports world, but two assistants have stood out for the success they’ve produced during the past three seasons Mifflin County has been in existence.

Assistant wrestling coaches Dale Searer and Joe Eckenroth work their magic on the Husky upperweights and the results are quite impressive.

It all started with Tyson Searer in 2012, continued on with Kyle Kahley and Caleb Rhodes in 2013 and reached a critical mass in 2014.

Tyson Searer captured  district and regional championships, while placing third in the PIAA state tournament at 220 pounds two years ago.

Rhodes, a senior wrestling varsity for the first time in his career, catapulted himself all the way to regionals where his bid for a state tournament berth at 285 ended in 2013.

In 2014, the Mifflin County upperweights have been nothing short of spectacular with three of the Huskies four district titles this season coming from 182 on up.

Trey Hartsock (182), Timmy Pearce (195) and Colton Craig (285) won district gold, while Kahley, a state qualifier a season ago, finished second.

Proof of the duos excellent coaching can be seen in the success of Pearce and Craig.

Pearce was a 138-pound back-up last season who bulked up to 195 this year and thrived. The senior is currently 29-7 and looking for his first appearance in the PIAA state tournament.

Craig didn’t come out for wrestling until this, his senior season, and the football stud looks right at home on the wrestling mat, posting an 18-10 mark and a district gold medal in his short, but successful resume.

At the start of the season it looked like Craig would have trouble winning five matches let alone a district championship. Part of the reason for his success comes from the hard work Searer and Eckenroth put into polishing this rough diamond into a precious stone. The other part of the equation is the effort and attitude of Craig.

Put together the coaching, hard work and a great attitude and you have the makings of a successful wrestler and a successful program.

Both had solid wrestling careers in their own right. Searer was a District 6 champion and OW, while Eckenroth had a decent career at Bellefonte. They like to get down on the mat and wrestle with the kids. It’s a show don’t tell style the wrestlers respond to because the best way to learn is by doing.

Mifflin County wrestling  is blessed with great coaching at all levels, and none may be more important than the work of the varsity assistant coaches.

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