Southern Scuffle Semifinal Matchups; Snyder Gives Verbal

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No. 2 Nico Megaludis (Penn State) vs. No. 10 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)
No. 8 Matt Snyder (Virginia) vs. Josh Martinez (Air Force)

No. 5 Chris Dardanes (Minnesota) vs. No. 15 George DiCamillo (Virginia)
No. 7 Nathan McCormick (Missouri) vs. No. 8 Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State)

No. 9 Mike Nevinger (Cornell) vs. No. 11 Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)
No. 4 K. Undrakhbayar (The Citadel) vs. Chris Mecate (Old Dominion)

No. 1 Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) vs. No. 17 Chris Villalonga (Cornell)
No. 2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) vs. No. 5 Cole VonOhlen (Air Force)

No. 8 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) vs. James Vollrath (Penn State)
No. 16 Jedd Moore (Virginia) vs. Kyle Bradley (Missouri)

No. 1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) vs. No. 7 Nick Sulzer (Virginia)
No. 2 David Taylor (Penn State) vs. No. 3 Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State)

No. 1 Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) vs. No. 14 Blake Stauffer (Arizona State)
No. 3 Matt Brown (Penn State) vs. No. 4 Logan Storley (Minnesota)

No. 1 Ed Ruth (Penn State) vs. No. 10 Mike Larson (Missouri)
No. 2 Steve Bosak (Cornell) vs. No. 3 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)

No. 3 Quentin Wright (Penn State) vs. No. 14 Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
No. 8 Jake Meredith (Arizona State) vs. Phillip Wellington (Ohio)

No. 1 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) vs. Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina State, Unattached)
No. 2 Dom Bradley (Missouri) vs. No. 3 Alan Gelogaev (Oklahoma State)

Sad news for Penn State fans.

Kyle Snyder, the No. 1 ranked 220-pounder in the nation and the No. 2 recruit for 2014, gave a verbal commitment to Ohio State on New Year’s Day.

Snyder, who has never lost or been taken down in high school, projects at 197 or 285 in college.


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