Welcome to Mifflin County Wrestling

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Welcome to MifflinCountyWrestling.com.

Bob ‘Mr. Wrestling’ Hower and yours truly created this site to give everyone complete coverage of high school and youth wrestling in Mifflin County. Coverage, to be honest, that has been lacking in this area for awhile.

Bob, being the official scorekeeper of the Huskies, will be posting dual and tournament results all year long at the high school level.

In addition, we will be writing editorials, columns and what-not throughout the season to keep you informed and hopefully, entertained.

For the youth wrestling we need your help. Bob and I can’t be everywhere at once, so to all those who can send us junior high and elementary results, please do so and we will publish all of it. That includes the spring and summer freestyle season as well.

We will also have collegiate wrestling updates and anything that may pique the interest of even the casual wrestling fan.

Don’t forget. This site will not be its best if you are not an active participant. So feel free to leave us a comment or drop us an email when the urge hits you.

In closing, thanks for dropping by and please come back for the best that MifflinCountyWrestling.com has to offer.

Brian Carson

Editor, MifflinCountyWrestling.com

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